Sunday, August 31, 2014

Jordan likes to prove his opponents

In 2000 as the Washington Wizards shareholders and team operations manager, due to dissatisfaction with the performance of the team, he again returned to his beloved movement. In 2001 Collins, hoping to put the team pull out the rotten team swamp. Although the growth of the age, his body is not as good as before, but also by the pain of torture, he was able to take the averaged almost 23 points. With pain (especially the knee), he is still a member of the team is important. But although the Wizards won the playoff tickets qualification, but two years have not made the playoffs. But Jordan or left many great moments, such as the 02-03 season, just over 40 years old and he scored 43 points.

In the 02-03 season Jordan wearing special design, can reduce stress on the knees shoes health back in the game, averaging 20 points. That year, he took his last all star game; the end of the season,cheap retro online, his third and final and fans say goodbye. The war was the last battle Jordan career in April 16th, 03 years Jordan limited minutes scored 15 points, but could not help the Wizards won. The last 1.44 seconds,cheap jordan shoes, Jordan into his last two free throws after being substituted, the audience applauded for 3 minutes. For Jordan respect, even though he never for the Florida team, the Miami heat in April 11th 03 and retired his number 23 shirt, this is the first time the 15 year history of the Miami Heat team jersey retired. That dress is blue and the other side is half of the Wizards of red bull. The 04-05 season, no Jordan wizards deus ex, to make the playoffs. The first round out the bulls, the second round to sweep the outcome being kicked out of the playoff team.

Diego transformation him as a player to leave the field return management, he looked at these young stars, make sure the NBA works well. In his book "I loved sports: my story (For the Love of The Game: My Story)", he wrote: "this is not the so-called perfect basketball player in the world, I never believe that there is one of the greatest players; each one in a different era, I stand with my own talent on the shoulder. I believe, "great" is a process of continuous evolution period. No Julius Erving, David Thompson, Walter Davis, and Elgin Baylor, there will be no Michael Jordan. From them I have evolved".

Jordan likes to prove his opponents. In a symmetric the Utah Jazz, Jordan filled a basket on John Stockton's head, a jazz fans shouted "have the ability to fill a big! "The next round, Jordan at 6 feet 11 inches, center Melvin Turpin first 285 pounds on filling a, then asked the fans," the big enough? "In March 19, 2010, the Jordan spent $275000000 to complete the Bobcats acquisition, not only let himself become the first former players identity history is the history of the League boss, second black boss.

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